Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Busy Bee

I've been working like a little bee. I've spent hours on my Birdsong quilt, hand quilting one little stitch at a time. It's so peaceful and calm. I am also preparing the blocks for the second version of Sugar Kisses. A few blocks are also completed. 

 I've spent a morning with a cup of tea, working on my calendars for the year. I belong to quite a few fun groups, and I've entered all of our meetings in my calendars. I'm a dinosaur. I carry a calendar in my purse, and I have a large desk calendar. (By Susan Branch, of course). Yes, I have an IPhone, but I like having a real calendar that I can hold and look at and flip through, especially the beautiful hand painted Susan Branch calendars. They have spaces for writing, and spaces for notes, and inspirational quotes.

 I've started back to my two and a half mile power walk every morning. I just function so much better when I exercise. I plan my whole day, and somehow it inspires me to actually carry out the list. I think I'm managing so much more, because I've taken myself off of a medication that my Rheumatologist had prescribed for pain. It just did strange things to me, and a two month trial is now over. Period. Back to the things I love, The things that make me, me.

Now, back to my quilt. I use Hobbs Heirloom cotton and polyester batting  It is so easy to make tiny little stitches through. What ever I used on my last quilt ( Sugar Kisses) wasn't nearly as easy to stitch. In fact I bent many between needles. I hope I remember to check the packaging on the batting more closely. Cotton-poly it is.

 I just love hand sewing, applique and quilting. I don't finish nearly as many quilts as a lot of my friends, but they are all stitched one stitch at a time. Our first "Bee" of the year is this afternoon, after a month long break. I can't wait to see my friends.


  1. The ice-cream cone looks good enough to eat.

  2. Your quilting is amazing! I love that you make them all by hand. Susan Branch is just a honey, isn't she? I love her work, and her blog. X

  3. Yes, Penny, I wish Susan Branch was my next door neighbor, don't you?

  4. Love your quilting on your bird quilt. I love handwork too, that's the problem it's so slow :)