Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Fabric


I've been very busy for the last week with things other than knitting and quilting. I took a cooking class. It was called Lunar New Year. Chinese cooking. We made dumplings, pot stickers, Korean beef, and other yummy things. I had a hair appointment. Bee as usual on Wednesday. Two doctors appointments, and one of them was a distance away. I did do a little shopping... Two quilt shops worth of shopping. I'm gathering fabric for a new pieced quilt. Gypsy Kisses from Material Obsessions 2, by Kathy Dougherty. It's a Pickle Dish pattern.


I joined the local quilt guild with other members of my Bee. We'll see how it goes. I'm not much for the clique-ishness or the power struggles. If I am noticing more of that than inspiration, then I'll quit. I don't need to be in charge of anything, or feel important. I just want to learn something, and be inspired by the art of others. Simple.

We babysat our oh-so-very-busy eighteen month old Grandson on two different occasions this week. We had four other Grandchildren for the weekend. We went out to dinner twice with them, and went to see some movies. We bought new toys for our toy-box, went hiking and to the park. Cake was baked and eaten.

I'm still nursing one of my dogs.

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  1. A very busy week! I love all the colours of your quilting fabrics X