Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pickle Progress

I have spent a few afternoons working on the Gypsy Kisses paper piecing, fan shapes. I'm not sure if I have enough fabric. I have a lot of fabric, but not these bright Kaffe Fassett style prints. Most of neutrals are not on white backgrounds either. They are mostly ecru backgrounds. I think this might require more shopping... 


The other good news (besides shopping), is that I have figured out the paper piecing. It really isn't difficult at all after a little practice. I did have to throw away one. After un-sewing one fan that I had done wrong, the paper fell apart and the fabric was trimmed to match the wrong shape. It's a little bit of a learning curve, but nothing difficult.
Now for the best news-- I won't be sewing for about a week. I'm off to Disneyland with my Son, Daughter-In-Law and Grandchildren. We will be staying in the Disneyland Hotel. One of my "bucket-list" items is going to be crossed out. Done. I love Disneyland with the kids, and staying in the Disneyland Hotel is the cherry on top.


  1. Have a wonderful trip! The quilt looks beautiful too! X

  2. Paper piecing is very systematic but backwards and upside down. Trying to figure it out logically just does not work. Have fun at Disneyland. We fly out tomorrow to visit our grandson and his parents.