Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It Happens

I spent all day unknitting a sweater. All of the basic body pieces were knit, with the ends sewn in. In fact I had even sewn the shoulder seams. I still had a very bulky collar to add, when I decided that it was just all too much. It's a chunky yarn. Lightweight, but probably too warm for a large bulky collar around my neck.

I just know that it would be too hot, and too scratchy. 
I do not like un-knitting. Especially with sewn in ends. I ended up having to cut out parts of the knitting. Those ends were tucked in, and they weren't coming out. I used a needle and tried to pick it out, but it didn't work. It is totally a waste of yarn, but it couldn't be helped. 

Isn't it funny how much the yarn matches the carpet in my sewing studio? It is "Glen", by Debbie Bliss. I already have another pattern picked out, One that is knit from the neck down, with very little sewing. That is perfect for me, as sewing knit pieces together is one of the things I do not like to do.

Even my partner, Rowan was bored. Unknitting is not fun for anyone. Right?


  1. I have been know to bond projects rather than unknit! Rowan is gorgeous!

  2. sorry autocorrect! I meant abandon!