Friday, January 22, 2016

Time To Baste This Quilt Top

I've spent the last week finishing the top of the Gypsy Kisses quilt. It is foundation pieced and hand appliqued. I'd say about half of each. I quite frankly was just fascinated with the construction technique. Applique is much easier for me than a lot of curved piecing.
In fact all of those lovely curves are just appliqued on top, and then the bright pink background is cut away underneath. It saves multiple layers to quilt through. I quilt by hand, so thinner layers are a very good thing. 

I still have a few days worth of quilting on Sugar Kisses to finish, and of course the binding. 

I have saved the last two weeks of my lovely Downton Abbey to watch with a cup of tea. I can't stitch while watching, and no interruptions please. I can't miss one bit of scenery or a glimpse of a beautiful glittery dress. What am I going to do without Downton? There's just nothing else like it. The manners, and the family, and the Britishness... Lady Mary, and Carson and the Duchess.  I think I'll have to go read Gone With The Wind again. It's my go to place when I need a little comfort... I'm turning off my phone.  Oh, and Goldfish. I think I better go buy more goldfish. 

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  1. I've cried every time I watch Downton. Such a good show.