Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yarn and Fabric Deprived

Oh, the trauma... So traumatic that I couldn't even write about it. My local yarn shop has closed. Forever. Gone. I don't know of another shop that is anywhere near where I live. At least not a full shop. One with lots of yarn. Yarn that you could knit a shawl from and at the same time choose yarn for a sweater or two. There is a very cute shop about an hour away that has some cute yarn for scarves, and a chunky shawl or two, but not really for sweaters. I can't order yarn online, unless I know exactly what it is. How can you select a weight, or feel how soft it is? Or even more importantly, how can you tell the true color? I've tried ordering yarn online, and that delicious raspberry color is in reality sort of mauvish. Not true clear raspberry. I'm a color snob. I can remember colors in my head. exactly. It's my super-power. Are you laughing? It's true!

So now, my favorite fabric shop is no more, (Thimblecreek, in Concord), and my favorite yarn shop (By Hand, in Sonora) is gone as well. I have a lot of fabric for the next project that I have planned. Stay tuned. What about the next big quilt that is calling to me?  I do not have any yarn for the next big projects that I want to knit. At all. Zip.

Here is the cowl that I knit. It's the last yarn that I bought in my forever yarn shop... I no longer remember the yarn that I used, nor the pattern. It was a kit. All I can tell you, is that the yarn is as soft as a feather, but still shows a lot of stitch definition. 

I apologize for the bad photos, but it's bucketing rain here, and it's very dark. Now I'm off to the tea kettle again for a refill. 

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