Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby Steps

The above photo is not a good one, BUT, I just want to show everyone the quilt that I have now taken little baby steps into. I ordered this pattern from Australia. It's a Di Ford pattern, and I want to be her best friend. Really. I've told my friends that it is my bucket list quilt, but I want to stitch every pattern that Di Ford has drawn. I have her book, Primarily Quilts. I understand that she is also going to publish another book in 2017.  I think I have another pattern of hers that I ordered as well. That's a lot of stitching. I have been hurrying through the last two quilts I've made, because now I want to concentrate on Di Ford, and concentrate I will have to do.

It requires me to use skills that I've never used, or haven't used in a long time. It will stretch my brain a little, if you know what I mean. I hope it snows for the next month, so I can stay in my sewing room and stitch.
 There are a lot of blocks that are hand pieced. The others are hand appliqued. Needle turned, and Broderie Perce blocks- a lot of them. I chose the fabrics for a simple one the other day, and it took hours. Hours. Much longer than I thought it would.

Speaking of fabrics, I'm now hampered by the lack of fabric stores that sell the style of prints that I like. I think I'm going to have to resort to ordering fabric online.

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