Saturday, February 20, 2016

Of A Color Obsession

Color.  I'm a fan. Put me in that column. As you can see from the above photo, I used to be a fan of a muted palette. 

 I love just looking at my stacks and stacks of fabric sitting on the shelves, waiting their turn. Waiting to be cut and stitched. Woven into the whole cloth of my creation. There are color wheels and charts of complementary and contrasting colors. I sort of know the rules, but I make my own when it comes to quilting. I use what I like. I have taken a lot of time to find just the right color and print. In fact the Gypsy Kisses quilt that is in my hoop right now took a year to find the background. It may not be something that you would choose, but that is one of the great things about quilting. We choose what speaks to us. We may use the exact same commercial pattern, and yet my quilt is totally different than yours because of my fabric choice. 

In my Gypsy Kisses I used clear, bright colors. I did not have a lot on my shelves. The ones that I bought at first, just didn't work. Not for me. Not in this quilt. I tried other fabrics, and when I was satisfied, I cut and pieced, and appliqued, and now I'm quilting. The black and white for the fan centers was used in the quilt in the pattern book, and I loved it. I thought it was really striking, so I used black and white polka-dots as well. Being quite a fan of polka-dots made that an easy choice.

 If one fabric doesn't work, choose another. BUT, try not to cut until you are sure. I've made that mistake, and fabric is so expensive now that it's not something that I want to cut until I'm sure. I try to pull all of my fabrics for a project and lay them together on my cutting table and look at them together. It's much easier to change whatever isn't working when you see all the fabrics together. Sometimes it helps to take a photo, and look at the photo. I'm not sure why that helps me, but it does. 

I play with color in other forms as well. Yarn, colored pencils, watercolors and even sometimes gardening. 

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  1. I fall into the muted tones. My grand-daughter is wanting something like you are working on with all those big prints and brighter fabrics.