Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Magical Days

No quilts will appear in this post today. Sorry everyone. While I have spent a few hours everyday on the hand quilting of my Gypsy Kisses quilt, there really isn't anything new to report.

I spent four days with some of my Grandchildren in Disneyland. It's a magical place. Even for Nanas. We ate Mickey Ice Cream Bars- yes, in capital letters... We rode all the fun rides, and I only chickened out on two of them. Roller coasters that spin upside down are just never going to happen with me riding. We had a lot of yummy food. The kids met a lot of their favorite characters. The flowers were blooming and we could see the fireworks from our perfect room in the Disneyland hotel. 

We will be back to quilts in a day or two.

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