Saturday, March 19, 2016

Now What's This ?

There are times that hand piecing gets to be too much for my fingers to handle. Meaning, when thinking of fitting these hand pieced-pieces together. The ones with the curved edges that are meant to be the very center of my Sarah Morrell quilt. I need something to rest my little brain while stitching. A little project that I don't have to stress about. How about a Feather and Flower quilt?

I found an old pattern that I'm stitching in some very bright colors. Just to take it up a notch. A pattern that needs to be done on something other that an off white background. That's been done before. Over and over. So. I spent yesterday tracing cutting lines on freezer paper. I cut them like complicated paper dolls. I ironed them onto a bright piece of burnt orange fabric. Finally I did some pinning onto that beautiful raspberry background. Now it's time for some relaxing needle-turn applique.

Today I think I might do a little applique, after I spend some time on the center block of my Sarah Morrell . Of course I'm still hand quilting Gypsy Kisses. I just love having more than one project in the works.

1 comment:

  1. All those curves and deep inner parts does not look so very relaxing to be doing but will be oh so pretty when done.