Friday, March 4, 2016

Sugar Kisses The Second

I don't think that I have posted the finished photos of "Sugar Kisses" The Second. Strange name for a quilt isn't it? The Second sounds much better than junior, right?

Anyway, the reason it's the second is because it's the second one that I sewed. When I was stitching the applique on the first one, my oldest Granddaughter, Madison, told me that she would like to have it. No one has ever asked me for a specific quilt before, and she is my Granddaughter after all, so I made it for her. I hope she loves it.

I really wanted one of the "Sugar Kisses" quilts as well. 

I belong to a weekly quilt group, and we have dessert every time we meet at exactly 2:30. It's a rule or something... The quilt pattern, Sugar Kisses, is filled with candy and ice cream and other sweet treats. Just like my quilt group, which we call "Bee". I've been a member for about eleven years. It's a special time every week with special friends. I wish a few more of them worked on quilts, but they knit instead.

I tried to finish the stitching on this quilt quickly, because I really don't like making the same thing more than once. I was a little nervous that I would put it away and move on to my next project without finishing this one. I do not like making the same thing over and over. I think that's probably why I love scrap quilting and "sampler" style. Every block is a bit different. 

It's finished, and hanging in my living room. I have a lot of time now to move on to my bucket list quilt. "Sarah Morrell". Oh, wait, I'm still hand quilting "Gypsy Kisses".


  1. I understand what you mean about not wanting to do the same one over. I too love sampler quilts where every block is different from the previous ones. I had Sarah Morrell on my bucket list for 2 years and finally started her. I am aiming at 1 block each week. Considering that every other block is broderie Perse or just a square panel from some fabric, it is progressing very nicely so far. I even started a blog to track my progress.

  2. That is the dearest Granddaughter quilt ever! She must be over the moon.