Monday, April 4, 2016

Embroider This

My Mother was a wonderful counted cross-stitcher. I was the lucky recipient of her beautifully framed works of colorful art. Some of them have handwritten love notes to me on the back. She has been gone for ten years, and yet I can not read these without crying. Do we ever get over the loss of our Mother? I sure haven't. I also received all of her boxes of carefully spooled thread. Five large boxes. In a way, I don't want to use it. It just doesn't feel right sometimes, but I know that she would want me to. 

I've so many projects that I've started and haven't finished. Last night was one of those nights when I was awake for most of it. Don't you just hate that? Aaargh.... Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the gift of time, and pulled out a project to stitch. My quilts all require a little thought, and embroidery really doesn't, so my groggy state didn't effect my stitching.

I'm almost finished with this cute pillow.

I have two quilts that are partially done. One of them is for Halloween, and I love it. I need to finish it, especially because it will take me time to quilt it. 

I think that all or almost all of my patterns are from Crabapple Hill . Such cute patterns. I have many of them in line to stitch. Many. 

I adore these next two patterns, and I've had them for years. Maybe now you understand why I use the word obsessed in my blog title.

Oh, yes, this is the other quilt I started years ago, and it's still sitting in its little project bag waiting. 

Lots of thread and lots of projects, so I better get to work.


  1. I'm glad it's not just me that has projects on the go for so long!!

  2. Michelle:)
    I'll start with you:)
    Your mother was an incredible stitcher.I stuck to crewel and needlepoint..look at the intricacy of her work.
    And to have words written on the back from her..
    I have tears ..thinking of it.I wish I had that.I guess mine didn't know she would be gone when I turned 19.:(
    Your work is beautiful and your patterns unique..I may be Googling that Vintage postcard..
    I have boxes of floss like your mom's..I love them.
    Never..we never stop missing our moms.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I could identify with so much of what you said; about your mother, about using her things up, about needing to finish projects. I, too, have the Calendula Patterdrip pattern in progress. I wanted to change it up a little and while deciding on the next step. . . it got set aside, then stuffed in a box because adult children moved in, and now hidden in some closet. It's nice to re-visit old projects. It's almost like going through a photo album because it brings back memories.