Friday, April 1, 2016

Sarah Morrell Block 5 Progress

Did you notice that I haven't given an update on Sarah in quite a while? It's because my first attempt at the center block was very poorly done. It had puckers. It was all my fault, of course. I didn't cut the fabric on the bias. There was no way to curve those two opposing pieces together. So, I threw it away. The photo below is from the old block. The one which I discarded. See those puckers?

Here is the center block-Round Two. It's so much better. Everything fits the way it is supposed to. Thank goodness I had enough fabric to start over. It was still challenging to get that center point done with all those pieces. 

Now, I did do a little changing of things. Instead of fitting pieces between the points as instructed, I cut a circle and appliqued the whole thing onto it. I cut the center of the circle out and discarded it in order to have one less layer to hand quilt through. I next appliqued the entire circle onto my background fabric. Next, I'm going to begin the pieced border, and then finally the appliqued flowers for the corners.

It may look slightly puckered, but it isn't. A really good press and some hand quilting will take care of what looks like a problem, but trust me, it isn't.


  1. It looks really lovely now. I have not yet started this one.

  2. Looking good. I hope you get as much enjoyment making this quilt as I did.