Friday, April 22, 2016

Stitching Turtle

I subscribe to many blogs through Bloglovin and I read many many others that I have bookmarked. When the authors of those blogs don't post frequently it sort of ruins my morning cup of tea with my laptop. That's when I lose myself in the creativity and art of others. I have an extensive list of creative interests on blogs. Watercolor, baking, knitting, crochet, and most of all quilting. I can't get enough of hand applique and hand quilting, although hand quilting seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs. 

It takes me a long time to complete a quilt, since most of my work is done by hand, not machine. My progress seems as if I don't spend time on my projects, when the exact opposite is true. I stitch about six to eight hours a day on my applique and quilting. At the moment I'm working on three quilts. Sarah Morrell, a Feather and Flower, and Gypsy Kisses. I am working on collecting fabric for two others. Harrison Rose and The Rowdy Flat Library quilt. I would like to hold off starting those last two for a bit. At least until I complete Gypsy Kisses. I'm quilting it, but still have weeks of work on it. Some of the bloggers that I especially adore seem to make much more progress than I do, and I'm not sure how. Maybe they don't sleep at night?

I am posting some "in progress" photos with this post. It doesn't look like much I know, but I love every minute I have spent with a needle in my hand.  I am limiting my computer time especially Facebook. Holy moly, I can waste half the day there...

So, as you can see, I have plenty of beautiful fabric and patterns to work with. Maybe I just need to skip sleeping. If I stitch twenty-four hours a day, I'm sure I would show more progress. Oh and I think I need to blog more frequently. Even if it looks like I'm not moving forward...


  1. Some days I spend so much time reading blogs, taking pictures to update my blogs or playing computer games that I do not get too much stitching done.
    I am making the Morrell and started a blog just for it. Last night I finally made the next block since Feb. The colours you have pulled for the Harrison Rose are gorgeous. I am doing the Sentimental Stitches 1857 sampler and using some solids. They are unforgiving to hand applique. Good thing we have matching coloured thread.

  2. Love your Morrell blocks - such pretty fabric choices! And Harrison Rose will be stunning in those solids. I need to get back to quilting mine...
    Good luck with going without sleep :)