Monday, June 13, 2016

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block One

I am stitching many complicated quilts all at one time. It looks as if I just don't spend any time on my projects, when the exact opposite is true. Unless I'm sleeping, or walking my dog, or cleaning, I'm in my chair working on something beautiful. I am just lucky that I have found so many beautiful patterns all at the same time. I suppose I should only stitch one pattern at a time, but I don't. The reason for the explanation is: it seems as if I have no progress to show. I have made progress though, just on many quilts at once.

 This post is all about one block. I can't wait to see what this pattern designer has in store for those of us working on this pattern. I have received three different block patterns, but there are no finished photos of the quilt. I guess not only is it a block of the month, but a mystery quilt as well. I've never participated in either, and I started this one behind every one else. There is a group for us on Facebook, and I just can't stay away from it. It's full of inspiration, but also full of photos of everyone else's projects. I will know what I'm working on way before I get there.

All of these photos are of just one block. Isn't it fun?


  1. Such a beautiful and happy block!

  2. It certainly is a fun block and your applique is perfect!

  3. Oh my, this is simply stunning. Having recently tried applique for the first time, I am in awe of your work. X

  4. Michelle, your work is just gorgeous!

  5. I just started this myself. What you have done is beautiful. As it is now 5/17 you are probably done. the pieces I received for the center is so pale you can't see the design...I'm thinking I need to use something else.

    1. Thank you for commenting Anne. I am done with the top, and have begun hand quilting. I really need to update this blog... :)