Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block Three and Corner Block

I have finally finished block three. I think I love it, even if it is slightly different than the pattern. Sometimes making a large mistake works out rather well in the long term. I like having more Bees in the corners as they are my favorite design of this pattern. In fact I just ordered fabric for the back of this quilt, which is covered in very cute plump bees. The fabric is "Bumble Bee"  by Tula Pink. It's just perfect, I think. AND its on sale. Even more perfect. I feel like I have accomplished a large hurdle after finishing block three. I think it's the three weeks I had to stop sewing. It just seemed to take forever to finish. 

I've also started on the corner blocks for one of the borders. I love the "Queen Bee" in the center of this block. It's nice to have small blocks for a bit of a breather before I go on to the next two large blocks. At least I learned my lesson, and I'm reading the directions now. Sometimes I just think that I know what I'm doing and get way ahead of myself.  Reading is best...

Lesson learned.

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  1. That last block with the Queen bee is adorable! It would make a gorgeous little picture by itself in a frame, we all know a 'queen bee', don't we?! X