Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gypsy Kisses Is Done

I think it took me longer to find the background fabric for Gypsy Kisses than it took to stitch. I wanted a background that was bright, and clear, and with a lot of colors. I found my fabric after almost two years of searching high and low, in our tiny fabric department, of our pharmacy. In Twain Harte, California. If you live any where near here, than you have surely heard of the pharmacy fabric department. Not only do they have a great selection, but their prices are too good to be believed.

This quilt is paper pieced, and appliqued. I hand quilted it. I always quilt by hand. I just love the process. It's quiet and peaceful. I really get an up close and personal look at my fabric. I see every piece that fit perfectly, and every piece that didn't quite meet in the corner. I can snip every little thread. My fabric starts out rather crisp as it goes into the quilting hoop, and softens beautifully as the hoop turns round and round. Therefore, I have few completed projects in a year.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Pins Pins Everywhere

I am so excited to begin this project. It's The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt BOM, by Susan Smith. It's been sitting and waiting for me to collect all of my fabrics together. Now I'm ready. 

As you can probably tell, I do not use glue. I know that a lot of applique stitchers use it, but it makes me nervous. I just don't want to use something on my fabric that may show years or decades down the road. I also don't wash my quilts when I'm finished, so that glue would be in there forever. Therefore, I have a lot of pins. Regular silk pins, where I'm going to be machine stitching, and teeny-tiny applique pins where I'm hand stitching. I check my chair and carpet multiple times a day, to be sure I haven't loosened any of them. I don't want my dogs to get one.

I'm behind on this block of the month. The third one is on it's way from Austrailia, and this is the first block that I'm stitching. Lot's to catch up on. Back to my needle and threads...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bee At Home

Don't you just love it when the house is clean and waiting for company? I sure do. I don't love the scrubbing and cleaning, but when part of your family includes two Golden Retrievers, and your company includes quilters and knitters, you have to remove some hair. If you know what I mean...

My friends will be here soon and I'm ready for some stitching and dessert, and a glass of iced tea. It's warm today, verging on hot. I even have the air conditioner turned on, just in case it's too warm.  

Well, I better go make that last minute inspection and make sure that everything is in place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


For more than a year I have been trying to decide on a quilt to give, and on the timing of giving two of my girlies their new quilts. Their older sister had been given a quilt when she turned twelve, and at first I thought I would wait until her sisters reached their twelfth birthdays as well. I changed my mind though, and now I'm very sorry that I didn't give all the girls their quilts at the same time. I wouldn't hurt their feelings for anything, and I'm afraid that I probably did. Not on purpose. Never ever. 

Anyway- I did give them quilts this past Sunday. Miss Allison (Sissy Jane) had chosen her quilt about a year ago. Miss Taylor loves butterflies and fairies. The closest I have stitched, is a quilt with very colorful birds. So, after a bit of thought, I decided to give Taylor that one.

Their brother wasn't left out, as his grandfather and I gave him a new fishing rod for a long planned fishing trip this summer with his cousins. His cousins are each getting one too. Shh... They don't know yet.

 As long as my kidlets are happy, than this Nana is happy. They are everything. All seven of them.

These four Grandchildren and their parents were here this past Sunday for a Mothers Day lunch, and it was wonderful to see them. I wish the other three could have been here as well, but I'll see them soon.