Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block Three and Corner Block

I have finally finished block three. I think I love it, even if it is slightly different than the pattern. Sometimes making a large mistake works out rather well in the long term. I like having more Bees in the corners as they are my favorite design of this pattern. In fact I just ordered fabric for the back of this quilt, which is covered in very cute plump bees. The fabric is "Bumble Bee"  by Tula Pink. It's just perfect, I think. AND its on sale. Even more perfect. I feel like I have accomplished a large hurdle after finishing block three. I think it's the three weeks I had to stop sewing. It just seemed to take forever to finish. 

I've also started on the corner blocks for one of the borders. I love the "Queen Bee" in the center of this block. It's nice to have small blocks for a bit of a breather before I go on to the next two large blocks. At least I learned my lesson, and I'm reading the directions now. Sometimes I just think that I know what I'm doing and get way ahead of myself.  Reading is best...

Lesson learned.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block Three

I'm sure that you have all heard of poetic license. Right? Well I have used artistic license on this block. By accident. I'll blame it on pain.

I started this block before I had my elbow and hand surgery. I was trying to get as much stitching as possible finished before my surgery, so I don't think I was as careful as usual in reading the directions for this block. Therefore, a big mistake was made. Usually if I make a mistake in my stitching, I will remove the part that is wrong and start over. However, in this case I was just too far into the block to be able to start over.

I made the outside wreath, (the one with the leaves) too small. If appliqued pieces are removed from the background fabric, in my experience it leaves marks. You can see an example in the above photo. I have been diligently stitching away this week. My hand and my elbow have been screaming at me in the evening, and my surgery was only four weeks ago. So, long story short... I'm making up my own Block Three. Not all of it, and the original concept is still there. My center is very crowded, but I kind of like it. The corners are kind of bare, and I'm adding to them. I'm still using the pattern that was provided by the author of the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. I'm using her shapes, but putting them in different places.

I think that my Block Three is going to be heavily appliqued, and may be a bit different than the other appliqued squares, so I'm going to use it as my center square. I adore this pattern and just can't wait until I see it completed. It is colorful and fun and a bit of a challenge. I'm all about stitching on quilts that challenge me in some way, and this one is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I have ordered another large pattern from the same designer. Her name is Susan Smith, and I hope she forgives me for tweaking her pattern.

Oh, and if you are wondering what surgery I had done- All because I spend my life stitching- I had a Carpal Tunnel Release, and a Subcutaneous Ulnar Transposition ( That means they moved the nerve in my elbow to a new, more protected position). AND I think I have to have the same thing done on my other side. I will find out in a week. Fun, right? However, if I didn't get it repaired, there was a high probability that I would have lost the use of my hand.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Getting Better

I'm recovering. Slowly. I still have to use ice in the afternoons, but no more too strong pain killers. Those things are brutal, but needed, for the first week-in this case. I'm still working on healing, and not yet ready for all day sewing sessions. Mostly I'm reading. Catching up on television shows that I've missed, and gathering inspiration for when things are back to normal. Reading blogs that I love. I think it will be at least a few weeks until I can really begin again to pick up a needle and thread. Then I will be planning to have the other arm and hand repaired as well. Oh, the things I do to myself...