Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I am very happy to say that I have finished my version of Susan Smith's wonderful design, The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. It is needle turn appliqued, and hand quilted. I used ecru thread to quilt the body of the quilt, and pink to quilt the borders. 

This quilt is my favorite of every quilt that I have ever made (so far). It was challenging. I love the traditional mixed with the whimsy found in this wonderful design. I love the insects dancing through the flowers. Love...

Thank you Susan Smith for this wonderful quilt design.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Love Fabric and Thread

Good morning fellow fabric lovers! Did you think that I quit quilting and appliqueing? Never. Won't happen.

I find it difficult to post often when I'm the turtle in the quilting world. As compared to the hare. I hand quilt, and I needle turn applique. It all takes awhile people. If I posted every day, you would notice part of a block stitched, or in the case of a recent block, you would have noticed that it took me five hours just to cut out one block. Not kidding...

This one. It's for the Sarah Morrell quilt, designed by Di Ford Hall.

 These blocks are from the Morrell quilt as well...

These blocks are 10 1/2 inches square. Even this one. Which I'm currently appliqueing to the background. I was very worried that it wouldn't fit, but it does.

 Lots of Broderie Perse, and needle turn applique all stitched onto ecru cotton damask.

I also finished my quilt top for The Aunts Quilt. It is waiting its turn to be hand quilted.

Next, I have been needle turning some of the blocks for Susan Smiths Stonefields Quilt. I'm using a grey background, but it's just a bit too contemporary for me, so I've been adding some cool green and blue print backgrounds. I'm still not sure if I like it, but I'm only on month two. It also has a lot of hexagons, and so far I'm not a fan. We'll see.

and last but not least, I'm hand quilting The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. also designed by Susan Smith. I love this quilt. It's big though and taking awhile to stitch.

There are only so many hours in the day.

The center of the quilt is being quilted in ecru, and the border in coral thread. Speaking of thread, have you applique fans discovered Aurifil 80 weight? It's perfect for needle turn. Stitches disappear into your fabric, and you don't have to fight to keep it on the needle like silk kimono thread. I'm definitely a fan.